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The Writer, Director & Producer

Anntreece Jones is the owner, writer, creator, director, & producer of Anntreece Jones Productions, LLC. She has written and produced over  16 mind blowing stage play productions & is currently working on her film & TV series B+LOCKED!  Though the company is grass rooted, it has grown over the last 2 years having over 30 actors and actresses on staff.  Training & acting boot camps are offered to the team, to help mold them into greatness. Anntreece Jones Productions, LLC  is known for bringing kingdom to culture.  The productions give our audience  hope, inspiration, and  direction. 

B+LOCKED, The Pilot

Five year old April, who is now an adult is battling demons surrounding her life due to the people she trusted the most. Her repugnance towards God has blocked her view of his​ mercy and now she will soon meet her fate at the feet grace.